Comparison Insights




The goal of this dashboard is to be able to compare metrics for two different types of filter settings. This dashboard can be used to compare metrics from last year to this year, compare metrics for one vacancy to another vacancy etc. The dashboard contains all the metrics that are on the Operations Insights dashboard, but as the “side-by-side layout” to allow easy comparison on one page.

The filters either include (Left) meaning they apply to the left side of the dashboard, or (Right) meaning they apply to the tiles on the right side of the dashboard.

This dashboard lets you compare the following metrics:

  • Average matching score
  • Candidate volume
  • Completion rate
  • Completion time
  • Device usage
  • Module-specific completion and abandon rates

Important: The “Vacancy Completion Rate per Module”tile is only insightful if both sides of the dashboard are filtered to only one vacancy.

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