Can I re-do my application?


We understand that life happens and you may need to restart your application. If you want to re-do your online application, we advise you to contact the company you applied for directly. The company will need to decide if you are allowed to re-do your application as the Harver Support Team does not have the authority to make this decision. If the company decides you can re-do an application, your account, including all your personal data and test results, will be deleted from our system. You then have to register via the vacancy link again so that you can start at the beginning of your application.

The company can also reach out to us with your name, email, and vacancy at support@harver and we can reset your application if you have not yet submitted it.

If you don't have any contact details of the recruiters of the company you applied for, you can always contact the Harver Support Team. They will ensure that your question will reach the right person and department.


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