Step 2 - Add a flow to a vacancy


In the tab ‘Flow’ the Internal vacancy name, flow, and languages for the vacancy are set.

 Explanation of some important terms:

The flow contains several assessments and modules. A flow is created by an Admin in the system. The content of a flow will be shown when a flow is selected from the drop-down menu.

Internal vacancy name:
The internal vacancy name will always be used in the recruiter environment.
The internal vacancy name is copied to the external vacancy name automatically. The external vacancy name can be found and edited in the next step ‘Vacancy settings’.

Vacancy languages
Depending on the flow you select from the available drop-down list, will determine which languages will be available in the vacancy creation. Automatically all available languages will be added to the vacancy. It is possible to disable languages for the vacancy you are creating.

How to complete the step ‘Flow’ of vacancy creation.

  1. Choose the ‘Internal vacancy title’ for the new vacancy.
  2. Choose a flow suitable for this vacancy.
  3. Optional: Remove unnecessary languages
  4. Click on ‘Save and Continue’


How to see the content of a flow.

  1. In the flow tab of the vacancy creation, choose a flow from the dropdown.
  2. The modules contained in the flow will appear from left to right.
  3. Hover your mouse over the module bubble to read more about the module.
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