Step 4 - Add benchmarks to a vacancy


A benchmark is an ideal score that is set per competency or assessment. The candidates’ score can be compared with the benchmark score. There are two kinds of indicators that can be set on this page: Job indicators and Cultural indicators. These are usually set by our in-house Psychologists. 

Job indicators:
Benchmarks for the personality assessment. This can be set on Analyses or Competencies.

Cultural indicators:
Benchmarks for the Cultural fit assessment. You can set the benchmark on the current company culture.

How to set a benchmark for the personality questionnaire (job indicators)

  1. Choose a branch in the drop-down that fits the vacancy the most.
  2. Activate Analysis or Competencies to set the benchmark on (only one of the two can be active at the same time)
  3. If needed activate or deactivate the competencies and slide the scores to your wishes
  4. Click next and continue or if applicable, first fill in the benchmark for the Cultural indicators


How to set a benchmark for the cultural fit assessment (Cultural indicators)
Only turn the Cultural indicator on when the module ‘Cultural fit’ is part of your flow. (See step 1)

  1. Turn on the cultural indicators by enabling the feature by toggling on the feature button.
  2. Divide the 10 stars over the 4 statements per each dimension.
  3. Click on the right arrow to go to the next statement
  4. Fill in all 6 statements and then
  5. Click next and continue
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