Spoken Language Assessment Troubleshooting


When completing the spoken language assessment here are some helpful tips as well as troubleshooting advice when an issue might occur. 

How should I prepare? 

Make sure you are in a quiet space and have a microphone that will pick up sound properly. 

Eliminate any possible background noise, for example:

    • Barking dogs 
    • A fan blowing towards the microphone 
    • Loud people talking in your surroundings. 
  • Use or Switch-to a device that has a good quality microphone.
  • If you are unsure of your microphone quality, try to switch to another device is possible. 

Unsupported devices

You might experience incompatibility with some older mobile devices. In case you have issues starting the assessment on your mobile, we suggest switching to an alternative browser, device or computer.

Known incompatible browsers on devices

  • Vivo Browser on Vivo mobile devices (Philippines) → Suggested: Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome on Apple iPhone → Suggested: Safari 

You might encounter issues with:

  • Apple iPhones with headsets (such as Airpods) enabled → Suggested: try without headsets

How can I enable my microphone? 

Check your microphone prior to use, find more information in this article about how to ensure your browser has access to your microphone. 

You can find a detailed help article about this topic here.

How can I test my microphone? 

At the beginning of the assessment, we will ask you to enable your microphone, and go through a practice step to ensure everything is working. 

Generally, laptop microphones and headphones should be good enough to complete the assessment, but a mobile phone’s microphone is usually better quality than a built-in laptop microphone.

If you would like to make sure, you are recording with a good quality microphone, you can try 3rd party applications

Useful 3rd party services for example:

Disclaimer: Harver has no affiliation with these providers and the 
usage of these services is up to the user’s discretion.
We do not advise you to share personal information with these providers.
Please always refer to the Privacy Policy of any of the example providers
before you test your microphone.

How to complete the assessment

We have two kinds of assignment types: 


  1. Read aloud 
    1. Click or Tap ‘Record’
    2. Start reading the sentence out loud once. Do not repeat words or sentences multiple times.  
    3. Click stop recording when you finish the sentence(s). 
    4. If the result is good, the next assignment will appear. 
    5. If the result is incomplete, the system will ask you to repeat the assignment. 
  1. Listen and Repeat
    1.  Play the audio recording. You can play it multiple times. 
    2. Memorize it.
    3. Click record
    4. Repeat the sentences out loud.
    5. Click stop recording when you finish the sentence(s). 
    6. If the result is good, the next assignment will appear. 
    7. If the result is incomplete, the system will ask you to repeat the assignment.

Can I log out and continue at a later time?

Yes, you can. 


After you log back in, the system will ask you to redo the practice step only (in order to ensure that we still can access your microphone), then you can continue where you left off. 

Can I refresh the page?

Yes, you can. 

I’m still having difficulties 

Reach out to support@harver.com if you still can not find the solution, we will try to provide you with help to complete your assessment. 



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