Spoken Language Proficiency


Harver helps companies evaluate applicants on key knowledge, skills and abilities important for the job. Harver’s Spoken Language Assessment evaluates your level of quality of pronunciation and fluency and help companies understand your overall level of spoken language proficiency to ensure you have the foundational skills for the job. The test consists of three parts where you are recording your voice when 1) pronouncing different words 2) reading longer sentences 3) listening to short sentences and repeating them.

Each assessment you go through have been found to help measure key aspects important to the job. It’s important to note that your assessment results will be reviewed in combination with multiple sources of information submitted in your application, and serves as only one data point to help companies better understand your potential fit for the job.

The results from the Spoken Language Assessment are reported on four scales;

  • CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • PTE Academic = Pearson

  • IELTS = International English Language Testing System

  • Numerical = the IELTS score is being transformed from IELTS bands to a percentage score of 0-100%.

    • See scoring guideline below.


If you have any questions about your test results or application process you can reach out to the point of contact at the company you are applying to.


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