Job Knowledge Test Troubleshooting


Browser and device

The preferred browser is Google Chrome but the JKT module should also work on Firefox. It could be causing issues when a candidate is using Internet Explore and Microsoft Edge. The team is working on improving the candidate experience in Edge.

The JKT module can be done on a laptop, desktop and on mobile.


Important notes

There is a timer on the JKT module, so it is important to answer in time. Before the timer ends, you need to select an answer. When you are in doubt, just click an answer and if you have time left take more time to think about it. When you press the answer but doesn't click ‘next’, the system will automatically jump to the next question after the timer ran out. The answer is automatically saved. When nothing is filled in, the system also jump to the next question automatically. A non answered question is always wrong.

You can’t log out in between questions so you have to do the module in one sitting.


Technical issues

When you experience technical issues you can try the steps below to solve this:

  1. Log out and log back in.

  2. Refresh your browser.

  3. Switch internet browsers; the preferred browser is Google Chrome.

  4. Check to see if your browser has been updated to the latest version. If you need to update your browser, this Support Article will give you a step-by-step guide.

  5. Empty your cache and cookies. Find out how to clear your cache Here.

  6. Use a Private or Incognito window when logging into your application.

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