Live Chat Simulation Troubleshooting


See below images for what the beginning of your chat simulation will look like. You will have 12:00 minutes to complete the three chat simulations, the timer will begin after your practice step. You will have the option to re-do the practice step.


Once you begin the chat simulation you will be promoted with a chat screen and then given the option to choose between three answers as seen below.



Once your chat simulations are completed you can move onto the next phase of your assessment. If you have any issues during the chat simulation we recommend trying the below general troubleshooting methods.

  1. Refresh your page

  2. Log out and log back in.

  3. The Live Chat module can be done on a laptop, desktop and on mobile.

  4. Switch internet browsers; the preferred browser is Google Chrome or Firefox.

  5. Check to see if your browser has been updated to the latest version. If you need to update your browser, this Support Article will give you a step-by-step guide.

  6. Empty your cache and cookies. Find out how to clear your cache Here.

  7. Use a Private or Incognito window when logging into your application.

  8. Try switching to another device.

If you have completed all the troubleshooting steps and your issue is still not solved, please reach back out to us with the following information at

  • A screenshot of the issue, try to include any relevant error messages on the screen

  • What device and browser you are using

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