I'm unable to click the 'Next' button in my application.


If you are experiencing issues with navigating to the next step in your online application, please see the following examples on how to overcome common challenges with navigating to the next step or clicking the 'next' button:

  • Next step in the Cultural Fit Test: check this support article
  • Next step after Document Upload: check this support article
  • Next step in the Situational Judgement Test or Work Simulation Game: check this support article
  • Next step in the Personality Questionnaire: check this support article

Additional questions
If you can't click on 'Next' after completing this section, it is likely that there are required questions left to answer.  If an essential question has been missed, it will be outlined or highlighted in red as shown in the examples below.

Example 1: Failing to select a start date.

Example 2: Entering less than the minimal number of available hours for the vacancy.

Personality test
Similar to the "Additional Questions" section, if you are unable to click on the "Next" button, it is likely that a statement was left unanswered. To avoid this, please check and confirm you have answered all the required statements.  If you have left a statement unanswered, it will be highlighted in red as shown in the example above.

Additional Troubleshooting

Additionally, please make sure you are using the most updated version of the Google Chrome browser. We also recommend using the browser in incognito mode when possible. Please see the instructions here.

Contact Harver Support

If you have followed the steps above but are still experiencing difficulty clicking the 'Next' button, please contact the Harver Support Team. 

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